Ceramic World Review

Ceramic World Review is the most influential source of information for ceramic tile and sanitaryware producers worldwide, with more than 7,300 copies sent out by post.

It publishes 5 issues/year in English/Italian + 3 special issues in Hindi, Russian and Chinese.

An additional 5 issues/year of Ceramic World Review Persian are published in Farsi in cooperation with the Iranian publisher Arta Group.

Each issue of Ceramic World Review contains standard sections, such as industry news, interviews with the major ceramic manufacturers worldwide, statistics and market research, and descriptions of the latest technological innovations.

Ceramic World Review is also available as a digital magazine on ISSUU and on ceramicworldweb.it.

Ceramic World Review 142/2021

In this issue:
FOCUS ON: Sustainability & Industry 4.0
The Brazilian ceramic industry focuses on exports

Ceramic World Review China 2021

In this issue:
FOCUS ON large sizes & slabs
​FOCUS ON Glazing & Decoration

Ceramic World Review 141/2021

In this issue
FOCUS ON: Glazing & Decoration
FOCUS ON: Finishing & Surface Treatments
2020 U.S. Ceramic Tile Market Update

Ceramic World Review 140/2021

In this issue:
FOCUS ON: Large size & slabs
FOCUS ON: Automation & End of line
Spagna e Italia: un 2020 oltre le aspettative

Ceramic World Review 139/2020

In questo numero:
FOCUS ON: Sanitari e Materie Prime

Ceramic World Review 138/2020

In this issue:
World production and consumption of ceramic tiles

Ceramic World Review 137/2020

In this issue:
FOCUS ON: Industry 4.0 & Sustainability
Turkey: Exports continue to grow in 2020

Ceramic World Review China 2020

Numero speciale per il mercato cinese

Ceramic World Review 136/2020

In this issue:
FOCUS ON: Glazing & Decoration
FOCUS ON: Finishing & Surface treatment
Phase 2, now it's back to work

Ceramic World Review Russia 2020

Special issue for Russian market